Grey Harmonizer

Harmonizer Collection

$31.00 CAD

Grey Harmonizer is one of the original Micro-Pigments with a longstanding track record, previously known and loved as "Grey Gone". This pigment warms up cool tones and softens the overall appearance of your client's final results. Grey Harmonizer will help override dark-grey eyebrows as they often heal too grey. 

Color: Grey Harmonizer
Shake extremely well before dispensing. All Micro-Pigments are safety-sealed with a tamper-evidence band and embossed with the M-P stamp of authenticity on the cap. Break the seal and dispense desired amount into a pigment cap. Implant pigment into the skin with a digital or manual needle. Micro-Pigments can be used alone (apart from Micro Dilution), blended with another Micro-Pigment, adjusted using the Hamonizer Collection, or diluted with Micro Dilution. Use Micro Dilution to create the transition of shades and tones and to soften the intensity.
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