a bottle of pigment like never before.

Color is what we do around here. There’s a reason that Micro-Pigments have been around for 3 decades. And after a 2-year labour of love, they just became even better. Introducing our brand-new, exclusively manufactured bottle and packaging: whole-heartedly and custom designed with artists in mind. No difficult cap openings or squeezing, no messy leaking, no excess air exposure, and they arrive safety-sealed with a refined dispensing system. This is the pigment bottle for the cosmetic tattooing industry: designed for technicians, by technicians.

hello, goodbye

You say goodbye, we say hello to Tootaloo Tattoo Removal. Get rid of unwanted tattoos with this 2-part removal system that is physician tested and formulated in Canada specifically for permanent makeup or small decorative tattoos.


Dermaplaning is a manual exfoliation treatment that gently removes vellus hair and built-up dead skin cells with a surgical blade for softer and smoother skin. Other benefits include reducing pigmentation, softening fine lines and unwanted skin texture, and giving your clients radiant and glowing skin. Dermaplaning also allows for better absorption of skin care products.

I call her Mama.

Every business has a story. A beginning. A dream that started with someone, somewhere, somehow. Our story started with my mama, Pat, in her kitchen, with an old blender and a new baby. That baby was me. And here we are together almost 30 years later. Our story has become our brand: a journey, from one birth to the next.

hybrid on the horizon

The Pixel & Stroke Collection by Micro-Pigments is one of the only pigment ranges on the market designed for both manual tools and digital devices. This exclusive collection is a small, specialty range of hand-selected colors from artists who specialize in microblading, digital, and hybrid brows. Formulated with a balanced viscosity and creamy consistency so that technicians can streamline their procedures with one pigment for strokes, pixel shading, and hybrid techniques.

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