The Microblading Tool that's Changing the Industry


hello, goodbye

You say goodbye, we say hello to Tootaloo Tattoo Removal. Get rid of unwanted tattoos with this 2-part removal system that is physician tested and formulated in Canada specifically for permanent makeup or small decorative tattoos.

I call her Mama.

Every business has a story. A beginning. A dream that started with someone, somewhere, somehow. Our story started with my mama, Pat, in her kitchen, with an old blender and a new baby. That baby was me. And here we are together almost 30 years later. Our story has become our brand: a journey, from one birth to the next.

art with heart

Your space is a reflection of your taste, but also your joy. Fill your walls and heart with a little sweet and sassy ambience from our curated decor collection, all handmade by one of our favourite local Toronto artists, Alison Gordon.

brow dust

Your brows need this. Soft matte brow stamps in 5 shades for long-lasting wear that dust onto your eyebrows with a sweat-resistant formula to make daily brows fast and fun!

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