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Achieve longer lashes and fuller brows with ADOREYES

local artist love

Your space is a reflection of your taste, but also your joy. Fill your walls and heart with a little sweet and sassy ambience from our curated Chanco Home & Business decor collection, all handmade by one of our favourite local Toronto artists, Alison Gordon.

I call her Mama.

Every business has a story. A beginning. A dream that started with someone, somewhere, somehow. Our story started with my mama, Pat, in her kitchen, with an old blender and a new baby. That baby was me. And here we are together almost 30 years later. Our story has become our brand: a journey, from one birth to the next.

their love language.

Give a token of love to the natural beauty in your life, the one who needs a small reminder of community these days. This past year has been hard on our bodies, physically and emotionally. When you buy a Chanco Beauty gift card, you’re not only supporting local business - you’re sending dignified beauty with products that speak to everyone.

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