Dermatude 18 Point Facial Module Needles

$250.00 CAD

 This needle module is fitted with a safety membrane to prevent (body) fluids from passing through the module to the hand attachment causing possible cross contamination. The needle head holding micro needles, also withdraws into the module when it is not connected to the attachment. All needle modules are packaged individually in a Class C (EU standard) clean room, and the 18 point facial needle module is made of polycarbonate. A strong, tough material used in engineering for strength and durability!

Designed for treating the facial zone, the needle and puncture depth measure 0.5 mm in length and can be increased or decreased from 0.3/0.5 mm into the skin as required. This module is designed to enable reaching beyond the barrier layer into the top-most layer of dermis. The head has a slightly curved shape so that all points penetrate into the skin from the surface to the same depth. In other words, the points in the centre of the head penetrate equally deep into the skin as do the points along the outer edge of the head.

This module also features a self-correcting Flex Head System. This ensures a completely even treatment of the skin, with a set depth and speed depending on the skin zone to be treated. The outer ring forms a protective barrier allowing the technician to skirt directly along the eye area.

• Sold in box of 10 sterilized modules

• FX50 Machine & FX100 Machine

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